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2010 Player Previews: Scott Proctor and Chris Resop

Written by Joe Lucia on .

Double dose of relievers today...neither of which pitched in the majors last season. Awesome! We'll start with Scott Proctor. Proctor was Joe Torre's favorite pet as both a Yankee and a Dodger, and pitched in 188 innings combined between 2006 and 2007 with both the Yankees and Dodgers. Thing is...despite the mid-3 ERA, he hasn't been good. In 2006, he was adequate with a 3.96 FIP, while he was straight up BAD in 2007 with a FIP of 5.30. That is not something you want to see out of a guy you're optimistic about in your bullpen. He wasn't much better in 2008, with a FIP at 4.97 (second lowest of his career!) and a career best 10.7/9 K rate. Unfortunately, his last season in the bigs was marked with a career worst 5.6/9 walk rate. Another thing about Proctor: he allows an assload of homers, with a mark of 1.4 per 9 over his entire career. His career K:BB is 1.9. I find it unbelievable that Proctor is actually being looked at as a viable bullpen option. He's had positive value once in his career (2006, yet again). It boggles my mind that Bobby Cox is talking about how great Proctor has looked just throwing the ball around. I have a nagging feeling this is going to result in some veteran love and job Luis Valdez out of a well-deserved bullpen spot. On the bright side, he may not be ready for the season while recovering from Tommy John surgery. In a perfect world, Valdez will have an amazing spring and capture the hearts and minds of Braves fans and personnel and get a full time bullpen position. Final projection: he should spend the year in Gwinnett, but will likely spend most of the year in the majors, breaking the hearts of Braves fans from coast to coast. Lets move on to Chris Resop, and theres not a lot to say here. According to all of my fact checking, he didn't play baseball in 2009 like Proctor (though I have no idea why), and spent most of 2008 in Japan after being sold by the Braves. Resop was straight up terrible for the Braves during that 2008 season, and the highlight of it was Bobby Cox moving him to left field for a batter and then bringing him back in, burning a pitcher and position player in the process, just so the beloved Chris Resop could get at another batter. He doesn't strike a lot of guys out, walks a ton of them, and allows a good bit of homers. His ERA and FIP in that disastrous 2008 year were both over 5, with the ERA approaching 6. Myself and the crew in the live threads at Talking Chop nicknamed him "the Towel" because whenever he came in the game, the Braves were throwing in the towel. I can only imagine that the only reason the Braves brought him back in is because HE THROWS HARD. But in the long run, who really cares how hard he throws if the ball is either hittable or out of the zone? If he gets a slot in the Braves bullpen, it better be because 6 guys are injured in both Atlanta and Gwinnett. I really can't deal with this guy anymore. It may cause me to light my eyelashes on fire. Final projection: roster filler at Gwinnett, and hopefully nothing more.

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