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Spring 2010 NRIs

Written by Joe Lucia on .

Dave O'Brien posted the list today at the AJC site. Get ready to...erm, scrutinize mediocre and young players? Jason Heyward Mike Minor Freddie Freeman Craig Kimbrel Cody Johnson Eric Cordier Matt Young Brandon Hicks Jesus Sucre Braeden Schlehuber Scott Proctor Chris Resop Mariano Gomez Joe Thurston Brent Clevlen Mitch Jones Orlando Mercado JC Boscan There are no less than SIX catchers in camp this spring. I guess the team doesn't want to put a lot of  mileage on Brian McCann in the heat. Of the 12 men remaining, Thurston has a decent shot of making the team as a backup infielder, while Clevlen, Jones, and Young could fight for the elusive FIFTH outfielder slot. Heyward is in camp to prove he can become the starting right fielder for the team in 2010, while his former teammates Freeman, Johnson, Hicks and Cordier are simply getting some time with the big boys. That leaves the remainder of the pitchers, and of the list, the only ones I could possibly see making the final roster are Proctor or Resop. If either of them goes over a non-injured Luis Valdez, I'm putting my hand through a wall. The best part about all of this is that in no less than 4 weeks, I'll be watching LIVE BASEBALL IN FLORIDA, and there's a guarantee that I'm going to see some of the best young talent in the Braves system. Celebrate!

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