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A whole lot of nothing

Written by Joe Lucia on .

This has been a really slow past week and a half, no? There has literally been nothing going on in the world of the Braves. Its been a week and a half since Javier Vazquez has been traded to New York and the world imploded, and 9 days since news broke that Troy Glaus would be a Brave once he passes he physical. That physical will probably happen next week, since the holidays will be over and everything will beĀ  less chaotic. The Cubs appear to no longer be a trade partner for new outfielder Melky Cabrera due to their signing of Marlon Byrd. On a related note, thank god they signed Byrd and we didn't...Byrd being THE ANSWER in left field is as much of a sham as Melky being THE ANSWER. The Braves have 4 of the first 61 picks in this June's draft. Thats good, I guess. This will end up changing a little bit since there are still type A & B free agents out there. As the offseason continues to march on, I shudder at how much the Braves overpaid for Billy Wagner when you look at the deal Gonzalez got from Baltimore and the deal Soriano got from Tampa Bay. They all essentially got the same money, and Wagner is the oldest of the 3. Sure he's got the best track record, but he's also the one thats been injured most recently. As for the Takashi Saito signing...isn't Kiko Calero still out there? Unless he's looking for an absurd amount of money, I firmly believe Calero would have been a better addition to the pen than Saito. But hey...gotta keep Kawakami happy. I really don't have much else to say, just wanted to show my readers that I am indeed alive and well, and that the lack of updates is due strictly to a lack of news. I don't want to insult your intelligence by attempting to create news or create useless polls to just inspire discussion. I hope you all had a great holiday season, and just think...like 5-6 weeks until pitchers and catchers report! Yahoo!

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