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Glaus is officially a Brave

Written by Joe Lucia on .

Physical was completed today, and everything was kosher. Glaus gets $1.75 million as his base, with a $250K bonus coming if he plays in 100 or more games. He's also got $2 million in incentives on the deal, though I couldn't find them to save my life. Essentially, jettisoning Kelly Johnson gave us enough payroll room to bring in Glaus. At the very worst, the team is out less than $2 million, which is chump change in the long run. Since Fangraphs began calculating value, Glaus has been worth less than 1.75M just once, and that was last season when he got 32 plate appearances. This deal begins to look better and better. The Braves still have a ton of payroll room left after the Vazquez deal and should have enough room left to bring in the outfield bat I was discussing earlier today. Frank Wren has to have something else up his sleeve, doesn't he? UPDATE: Courtesy of Buster Olney's Twitter... $350,000 for 400 PA; $350,000 for 450 PA; $350,000 for 500 PA; $400,000 for 550 PA: $550,000 for 600 Plate Appearances So essentially, if he doesn't play, he doesn't get paid? Thats awesome.

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