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Just another stupid steroids post

Written by Joe Lucia on .

I care more about people talking about steroids than I do about players taking steroids. Is that at all wrong? Some baseball writers get on a pedestal about steroids and how anyone who has taken them to improve their game is some sort of horrible person and should be BARRED FROM THE GAME FOR LIFE and all sorts of nonsense like that. The thing I don't understand...why? I'd really like to hear an intelligent argument as to why steroid users should be prevented from doing what they love. Is it because they RUINED THE INTEGRITY OF THE GAME? If you're going to say that, I have some real shocking news for you... ...baseball HAS NEVER HAD INTEGRITY. This is the league that refused to allow black players in the majors for what, something like 60 years after the first leagues were initially formed. This is the league where a huge cocaine scandal broke out in the late 70s and early 80s, and everyone seems to have forgotten about that, or just doesn't care in the first place. I mean, really? There isn't much evidence (if any) linking HGH to death or any serious illness, but one line of coke can kill you! Cocaine is also, you know, highly illegal under all circumstances. At least HGH can be obtained with a valid prescription, but I'm not going to go into depressed pro wrestling fan mode and talk about how doctors are phonies and so on and so forth. Jack Clark came out and said that STEROID USERS SHOULD BE BARRED FROM THE GAME FOR LIFE. Well, thank god we got Jack Clark's opinion on things! Who really gives a damn what Jack Clark says? There's his family, maybe his friends, and...thats about it. Now that we know what a huge baseball icon like Jack Clark thinks about the matter, maybe we can get some more opinions that the American public needs to hear, like maybe ones from Oscar Gamble, Davey Concepion, and a member or two of the Boone family! Except Bret, of course. I am honestly confused as to why some people are taking this matter so seriously. Gaylord Perry doctored the ball in every way imaginable...thats clearly against the rules of baseballl, but yet, no one cares about that. Ty Cobb was a vehement racist who injured players on a regular basis. Thats not very moral or righteous, but no one cares about that. Pete Rose gambled on games, and most people think he's paid his penance and deserves to be reinstated into baseball. That is CLEARLY against the rules of baseball. But yet, taking some drugs in order to enhance your performance...that's some sort of huge deal? There is no statistical evidence anywhere that says that bigger muscles = more home runs. You don't become a major league baseball player just by having huge muscles. If that were the case, Mariusz Pudzianowski would eat guys like Alex Rodriguez for breakfast, and he'd probably have 1500 homers by this point. And by that same token, just because you stick a needle in your ass doesn't mean you're all of a sudden going to become a superstar. Look at some of the guys in the Mitchell report...David Segui. FP Santangelo. John Rocker. None of these guys get looked at with some sort of reverence and get talked about as shaming the game. Its only the superstars that get that sort of treatment. What would happen if someone that was already in the Hall of Fame came out and admitted that they were a steroid user? I'm not accusing anyone of anything, but lets just say that Nolan Ryan came out tomorrow, and admitted in an interview that he'd pop handfuls of greenies before each start, and injected himself with every substance known to man 3 times a week. What would in the world would happen? Would outraged writers march to Cooperstown, most likely getting lost on the way since Cooperstown is in the middle of nowhere in upstate New York, rip Ryan's plaque off the wall, and throw it into Lake Otsego? Of course not. It would probably end up being swept under the rug. All this steroid outrage? Its a bunch of hypocritical garbage. I don't care about steroids. You shouldn't care about steroids. NO ONE should care about steroids. Its just a stupid thing for attention whore baseball writers and former players who desperately want someone to care about them to get on a soapbox about and talk about their high moral standing. Someone like Jack Clark is bitter that amphetamines were the big thing when he was playing and not steroids, and that he couldn't take advantage of them.

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