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Game Recap - 7/18/10

Written by Joe Lucia on .

Braves 11 (54-38), Brewers 6 (42-51) WP: Lowe (10-8) LP: Parra (3-7) The offense finally showed up. Thank god. The Braves put 18 men on base today, and 11 of them scored. All the damage was from the top 2/3 of the lineup, as Alex Gonzalez and Melky Cabrera both put up o-fers on the day. At least they showed some great patience, with Gonzalez seeing 18 pitches and Cabrera seeing 21. But as I mentioned...it was all the top of the lineup today. Martin Prado and Jason Heyward each reached twice and scored a pair. Omar Infante had an astounding 4 singles, along with a pair each of RBI and runs scored. Troy Glaus reached three times and scored twice. And then...the 5 and 6 hitters. Brian McCann blew the game wide open in the 3rd with a grand slam to right field. He'd end up finishing the day reaching base 3 times and driving in 5 runs. And then there's Matt Diaz, who had a hell of a game with an RBI single, RBI double, and a solo homer along with scoring a pair of runs. Only downside? He saw 7 pitches. Some things never change, I guess. His OPS jumped all the way up to .712, and he's getting back into that lefty-killing form that made him so immensely valuable to the team last season. Derek Lowe...had another one of those Derek Lowe starts. He didn't get through the sixth (again), allowed 9 baserunners, 2 homers...but he did strike out 5 guys. Thats a positive. He threw first pitch strikes to 17 of 23 batters, and got 7 groundball outs compared to only 3 flyball outs. So it wasn't a total loss, I guess. 4 members of the bullpen got work today...and 3 of them pitched sufficiently. Mike Dunn allowed 3 baserunners while getting only 2 outs, but escaped unscathed. Peter Moylan only needed 11 pitches to get his 3 outs, while also recording  a strikeout and a walk. He was aided by a big double play ball. Billy Wagner got the last 2 outs of the game on 8 pitches. And then...there was Jesse Chavez. Ohhhhhh, Jesse Chavez. I don't know how to put this mildly...but Jesse Chavez really sucks. He got 4 outs today, while allowing 3 earned and putting 5 men on base. 3 of the 4 hits he allowed were of the extra base variety. Pretty much, when contact was made, it was made pretty damn hard. He's throwing meatballs, and they are getting POUNDED. He's no more than a mop-up reliever at this point, and I have no idea why he's even on the roster when you've got a guy like Stephen Marek down in Gwinnett firing BBs and striking guys out left and right. I'd assume that once Eric O'Flaherty comes off the DL, Chavez will be the guy sent to Gwinnett and not Dunn. We'll see when the time comes...which should be soon, since O'Flaherty's "viral infection" doesn't sound like its something that will keep him out for an extended period of time. DIVISIONAL UPDATE. Everything remains the status quo as of right now, due to the Phillies playing the Cubs in the ESPN national game this evening, and the Mets playing the Giants in San Francisco today. Losses by both teams would be great...but then again, they'd be great every night. As of this moment, the Braves are up 5 on the Phillies and 5.5 on the Mets. Those numbers will obviously change pending completion of their games. The Mets are leading 2-1 in the 5th with Johan Santana on the hill. Gonna be a tough task for the Giants to get the lead. The Braves are one of 2 NL teams with an offday tomorrow, so the standings will change once again before the team plays again. And then, the team will welcome the NL West leading Padres to Atlanta for 3. Pitching matchups: Jon Garland vs Jair Jurrjens, TBA vs Tommy Hanson, and Clayton Richard vs Tim Hudson. I'm liking the Braves in all 3 of those games. Kris Medlen is going to be getting some time off and (judging from last night's game) will probably be getting some relief outings while the team tries to limit his innings. With the offday on each of the next 3 Mondays, the Braves can afford to give Kris some extra rest. If you're looking for a Weekly Prospect Report tonight...not sure on that. Danville and Mississippi both have night games. I'm kind of doubting I'll get the report up...but we'll see. Definitely tomorrow though. If you haven't looked at the new Top 40 Prospects list, check it out! Lots of changes from the last list I did 8 months ago.

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