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Game Recap - 7/27/10

Written by Joe Lucia on .

Nationals 3 (43-57), Braves 0 (57-42) WP: Batista (1-2) LP: Hanson (8-7) SV: Capps (25) Tonight's game suck. Stephen Strasburg was supposed to start for the Nationals and got scratched when he "couldn't get warmed up properly", whatever that's supposed to mean. So instead, Miguel Batista started for the Nats...and of course, he led a shutout of the Braves, 3-0. The Braves were only able to bang out 5 hits, and drew only 1 walk. It was, quite frankly, a pathetic offensive performance. I'm not sure what it really is about the Nationals...but they always seem to be able to handle the Braves when they need to. Tonight was another one of those nights. Of the 7 baserunners the Braves put on (the 5 hits, 1 walk, and a HBP to Jason Heyward), Melky Cabrera and Eric Hinske accounted for 4 of the hits, along with a single from Chipper and a Troy Glaus walk. Martin Prado went 0/4 with a pair of strikeouts, and Heyward added an 0/3 with a pair of strikeouts to his HBP. Brian McCann had a particularly hideous game, going 0/4 with a strikeout and a GIDP. The Nationals also ran like crazy on him, stealing 4 bases on the night. None of McCann's throws were particularly close, the worst being a dart that flew over Chipper's head into left field allowing Nyjer Morgan to score the first run of the game in the second inning. Its funny...people were talking about McCann's throwing ability getting better, and he turns in a performance like that. It was really painful to watch. Tommy Hanson started, and you know what? He was fine. The first run scored on the aforementioned McCann throw into left field. The other 2 runs came in the second inning, due to Chipper Jones throwing a surefire Roger Bernadina GIDP ball into right field to put runners on second and third with none out. An Ian Desmond single brought the two runners home. After that? Hanson was dominant. After that Desmond single, Hanson only allowed 2 more hits, one of which was an infield single. Overall for the evening, he'd allow 6 hits in his 6 innings of work while not walking a batter and striking out 8. Not as if it mattered with the state of the Braves offense on the evening, but Jonny Venters threw a pair of perfect innings to close out the game with a couple strikeouts. I question the wisdom of using him yet again, but whatever. He'll be getting a vacation with his oncoming suspension soon enough. Tomorrow's pitching matchup makes me chuckle a little bit: Livan Hernandez and Tim Hudson. A pair of guys that are drastically outperforming their FIPs. Gotta love it. This reeks of one of those games where the teams combine to strand 20 runners and the final is like 4-2. Here's hoping the Braves get the bigger number tomorrow, because with the Phillies being hot...look out.

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