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Game Recap - 7/5/10

Written by Joe Lucia on .

Phillies 3 (43-38), Braves 1 (48-35) WP: Halladay (10-7) LP: Lowe (9-7) This was the Roy Halladay show, plain and simple. The Braves were horribly aggressive against Halladay, and it really didn't pay dividends. The team only got 6 runners on base...4 of which were Chipper Jones and Brian McCann. Chipper had a nice game, accounting for the Braves only run with a solo homer in the first inning, and a double in the 6th. McCann singled, and had a double in the 4th. Like Chipper in the 6th, he was left to die on the bases after his double. The other 2 Braves runners, Eric Hinske on a walk and Gregor Blanco on a bunt single, were erased. Hinske was on a Melky Cabrera double play ball, while Blanco was caught stealing on a botched hit and run in the 8th. Game, set, match. Can't stop Halladay. Derek Lowe actually pitched really great. He allowed 6 hits and only walked 1, while striking out 6. One of those hits was huge though...a Greg Dobbs homer in the 6th inning to plate the Phillies first 2 runs. It was the one mistake Lowe made all night, and would end up costing the Braves the game. Jonny Venters pitched the 8th, and had a crappy time, allowing 3 hits and a run. He had a tailor made double play ball, but could only get one out. The runner who went to third got nuked off the bases on a blown squeeze play, but Jayson Werth moved up to 2nd on the play. Naturally, the next batter singled him home. The Phillies didn't need the insurance run...but what the hell, right? One plus is that the bullpen didn't really get taxed tonight. Always a good thing. Tomorrow's pitching matchup is a good one, with Cole Hamels vs Jair Jurrjens. Gametime is 7:05, and I will be thrilled to listen to Sarge Matthews and Chris Wheeler yet again. God I hate the Philly announcers...regardless. ARE YOU ALL SATISFIED I MADE SEVERAL POSTS TODAY?!?! Maybe I'll do multiple again tomorrow. We shall see.

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