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Minor League Madness!

Written by Joe Lucia on .

Why am I making this post? Because there were a hell of a lot of transactions made yesterday and today. Lets take a look, starting from the top down. GWINNETT Demoted to Gwinnett: Gregor Blanco This was inevitable, with Nate McLouth being activated from the DL. Gregor will be back in 6 weeks, though, when the rosters expand...maybe even sooner. He had himself a hell of a time with the main club, and proved he may be able to contribute something. Be forewarned .419 BABIP in the majors. Regression is a huge possibility. Promoted to Gwinnett: Brandon Beachy The Twitter trend of WHO IS BRANDON BEACHY!?!?! (started by myself and @CapitolAvenue) continues with a promotion to Gwinnett. He's having a totally magical year, as I've been outlining the hell out of in my Weekly Prospect Reports. He struck out 100 batters in only 73 2/3 innings at Mississippi while only walking 22 and allowing 3 homers. Its been a magical run for him, and now its going to continue in the Gwinnett rotation, likely replacing Cristhian Martinez...who actually pitched effectively last night. Regardless...good for Beachy. Demoted to Mississippi: Jordan Schafer Seriously, what the hell? Schafer's downward spiral continues after he struggled terribly at Gwinnett in his return from wrist surgery. You have to wonder if he's ever going to be the same after that. I think he'll be OK in time, but nowhere near the player he was projected to be a year and a half ago.  He needs to get his confidence back if he's going to be a factor at the major league level. Don't close the door on him yet...he's still only 23. I'm 3 months older than Jordan, and I work for a quarter above minimum wage at my day job. The best may be yet to come. Promoted to Mississippi: Julio Teheran He moves on to his third level of the organization 4 months into the season. Teheran is ready for this. He was *struggling* in Myrtle Beach...with a 76:13 K:BB ratio in 63 1/3 innings and 6 homers allowed. His ERA was still under 3.00. As I said when I did the top 40 last weekend...by the time the season is over, with people getting promoted and losing eligibility...this young man could be the top prospect in all of baseball. He's still only 19. Remember this. Promoted to Mississippi: Randall Delgado He's not as good as Teheran, but he's still really good as a 20 year old, striking out a batter per inning. The Mississippi rotation was filled with a pile of junk aside from Beachy, so why not let some of the real prospects get a shot? Delgado is ready. Teheran is ready. I'm actually getting a little scared, because with how fast they're both moving...they could be ready by 2011 at the earliest. Derek Lowe and Kenshin Kawakami are still under contract in 2011. What the hell is going to happen to these guys? It could get very interesting very soon. Signed by Mississippi: Yasser Gomez I mentioned this in the offseason, but apparently the deal just got finalized. Gomez is a 30 year old Cuban refugee who escaped to the States this offseason. In his first game for the M-Braves, he went 2/2 with 2 walks. Just promote him to Gwinnett and be done with it. Let him see if he can possibly contribute at the major league level shortly...its not as if he's a prospect, just an interesting name you may want to keep an eye on. Promoted to Myrtle Beach: Cory Rasmus Rasmus is having a nice year, albeit not spectacular. He's a guy that scouts have been drooling over for years, and he stepped out of his brother Colby's spotlight a little bit last season with a no-hitter in Danville. He's a little old for the lower level leagues at 22, so its good to see him get moved up to take the spot of the Teheran/Delgado duo in the Myrtle Beach rotation. The Beach had an abundance of SPs anyway, with Brett Oberholtzer and Zeke Spruill both coming off the DL. The Beach loses their best 2 pitchers, but they're not going to be weakened on the mound all that much. Promoted to Rome: Carlos Perez The aforementioned @CapitolAvenue's favorite person to pimp in the system. He popped on my radar due to the constant shills, and I must say...I'm impressed. The walks are high, at 14 in 32 innings, but the 27 strikeouts and 2.00 GB:FB ratio with no homers allowed make me begin to salivate. Did I mention he's only 18 right now? The Latin American pipeline continues...I'm going to be excited to see what Perez does in Rome. OK, so thats all. Most eventful day in the system since the promotion of Cory Harrilchak and Mycal Jones last month. Its a good day to be a Braves fan, with all the advancement of young talent in the system. I'll be back later tonight with the game recap, assuming the hurricane barreling towards Florida holds out on us.

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