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Prado to miss a week or two

Written by Joe Lucia on .

This is not good. I repeat, this is not good. But...it could be a *lot* worse. Martin Prado will miss 7-10 days after suffering, and I quote, a "stable avulsion fracture" of his right pinky during Friday night's game against the Reds. In the 10th innings, he slid headfirst to score on Jason Heyward's double, and awkwardly rolled over his right hand. He was immediately in pain grabbing his hand. So the verdict today is that he's got a broken pinky. This sucks. Prado will not be placed on the DL, leaving the Braves with a 4-man bench...3 actually, if Alex Gonzalez isn't recovered from his illness that kept him from starting the last 2 games. Gonzalez is in the starting lineup today for the Braves, and Omar Infante is at second base. Infante figures to get most of the playing time, as no one else on the roster right now can really play the position...maybe Brooks Conrad, but it would probably be a complete disaster. Also, after last night's game...this move was expected, but it finally happened. Brent Clevlen was DFAed, and Gregor Blanco was recalled from Gwinnett. Blanco and Melky Cabrera will likely be splitting time in center, which I wholeheartedly approve of...Blanco was a fantastic catalyst while he was up earlier this month, and Melky has actually been hitting his weight lately. So the 4-man bench while Prado is out will include Matt Diaz (who plays one position, poorly), Brooks Conrad (see: Diaz), David Ross (a catcher), and Blanco, who can play all 3 outfield positions. Eric Hinske should get most of the starts in left, and he's horrible defensively too. So yeah...the Braves should look to make a move today to shore up the outfield a little bit. Its the Jason Heyward show right now out there, and as much as he's heating up, I don't think he can do it alone.

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