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Transactional Chaos - 7/27/10

Written by Joe Lucia on .

Oh good golly. another one of those days when it doesn't rain...it pours. We'll go chronologically. It broke earlier today that David Ross was signed to a 2 year extension, worth $3.25 million over the 2 years. So the backup catcher is now signed until 2012. He's one of the better backups in the league, and is well worth this minuscule salary. Ross will be 35 once the deal expires, which is seemingly a pretty good time to cut bait on a catcher who's been in the league since 2002. Over his 2 years with the Braves, Ross has been worth 2.6 WAR, translating to $11.7 million in production over a year and a half...while only making a total of $3 million by the time the deal is up. He got a very slight raise over his salary this year in the new deal, and he's worth it. Its good to have a solid receiver waiting in the wings when Brian McCann needs a day off. Now, another transaction...Nate McLouth has been optioned to Gwinnett. He apparently still had options left, which I wasn't aware of. To replace McLouth on the roster, Brent Clevlen was activated from the DL after getting hurt way back in May. It is believed that Clevlen will be demoted at the end of the week and Gregor Blanco will be called up again...unless of course, there is a move made this week to acquire a center fielder. With Chris Coghlan's injury in Florida, the name Cody Ross is looking less likely, but someone like Corey Hart or Josh Willingham could still be in play. As for McLouth...good god, he's been terrible as a Brave. Since being acquired at the beginning of last June, he's played in 146 games, so we essentially have a full season sample size here...his stat line? .225/.327/.365 with 14 homers and 118 strikeouts. He's been worth -0.3 WAR. Thats right, he's been a DRAIN on the team since being acquired. Its not Francoeur-level, but its still something you can't have on a team looking to win a championship...trotting McLouth out day by day was only hurting the Braves. This is rather funny though...looking at similarity scores on B-R, here are McLouth's top 5: Bubba Trammell, Jody Gerut, Corey Hart, someone named Jim Greengrass (fantastic name), and Josh Willingham. Thats right, 2 of the most similar men to McLouth are...2 guys the Braves are looking at to replace him. McLouth is still on the hook for ~$2 million this season, and has a contract to pay him $6.5 million next season. The Braves are going to have to bite a huge bullet with that one if they want to dump McLouth off onto someone. McLouth, Kawakami, Lowe...this team suddenly has some crappy contracts. Chipper's isn't looking so horrible right now, is it? As for McLouth's current replacement...it looks like Melky Cabrera will be starting every day in center, which I don't have much of a problem with, while Clevlen will be the 4th OF off the bench. I don't really care. The Hinske/Diaz platoon in left seems to be working well since Diaz has returned off the DL, and Melky isn't playing terribly bad lately...so whatever. Anything is better than McLouth at this point. Tonight's schedule: HOT or NOT will be up before the game is over this evening, and the recap of tonight's game between the Braves and Nationals will be up at the conclusion of the game. Weather will not be an issue tonight...looking gorgeous 2 hours northwest of DC!

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