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Game Recap - 6/24/10

Written by Joe Lucia on .

White Sox 2 (37-34), Braves 0 (42-31) WP: Putz (3-2) LP: Saito (1-3) SV: Jenks (13) First off, let me apologize for the lack of a recap for last night's game. I was totally exhausted, and with that whopper of a delay...yeah, it wasn't happening. Not that the game really needed recapping. Now, onto today's game in Chicago...well, the Braves got swept to end that little streak of not losing series, dating back a month and a half. It was bound to happen sooner or later, so lets just get all the angst out of our systems now. Today was quite frankly, the Gavin Floyd show. Floyd has been one of those pitchers who's always had the stuff to succeed at the major league level. The question was his makeup. Today, he put it all together and only allowed 3 Braves runners...2 of which were in his final inning of work. He set down 14 in a row up until that 7th inning too. Really can't compete with that. The Braves offense did nothing. 3 Braves players struck out multiple times (Martin Prado, Brian McCann, and Eric Hinske), and as I mentioned, only 3 baserunners. Ick. Some people are already panicking about the offense...people, remember that the team plated 6 runs on Tuesday. A two game power outage facing two very good pitchers isn't something to get all up in arms about. These things happen. On the mound for the Braves, Derek Lowe matched Floyd with 7 shutout innings of his own. Unlike Floyd, he allowed 7 baserunners. Today's start can also put an internet blabbermouth talking point to rest: it was his first start where he didn't allow any runs since his first as a Brave last April. Now, we can all stop whining about that. The White Sox got the win when Takashi Saito (just taken off the DL mind you) was used for his second straight game. Inning went like this: single, sac bunt, pop up, homer, fly out. 11 pitches, taken care of. At least he didn't keep us on the hook for long, right? I'm not concerned at all after the events of the last 3 days. The Braves got swept, whats the big deal? The season is 162 games long, and we're still chilling in June. Looking at the NL East, the Braves are currently tied with the Mets (with their game tonight still pending), and the Phillies are 2 and a half out. Not a huge deal. Braves have the Tigers this weekend, while the Mets get the Twins and the Phillies get the Blue Jays. See? The Braves get the easier draw again and can hopefully pick up some ground. Tomorrow's pitching matchup is Kris Medlen for the good guys, and Andy Oliver for the Tigers, making his major league debut after being drafted just last season. Here's hoping he gets pounded into submission. One final note. Tomorrow's game recap will be the last post until next Tuesday or Wednesday, as I'm taking a little vacation to Rhode Island to visit some friends. I'll still be slightly active on Twitter @BravesHeart, so you can always check out my ramblings there.

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