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3 Pelicans suspended for PEDs

Written by Joe Lucia on .

Dammit, everything was going so well too. Wait...what? Yes, the Braves A+ team got nailed for PEDs, and 3 players were busted. Lets take a look, one by one... -Amadeo Zazueta. Hitting .156 with a .442 OPS for Mississippi and Myrtle Beach this year. He's 24, in advanced A-ball. Not a huge prospect. -Yoel Campusano. Hitting .192 with a .553 OPS for Myrtle Beach. Spent last season with Rome, hit .288 with a .730 OPS. Considered a lower level prospect despite his struggles this season, 23 years old. -Gerardo Rodriguez. DAMMIT, I LOVE GERRY RODS! Hitting .239 with a .762 OPS, 8 homers, and 24 RBI this season. OPSed .802 and hit .269 last season for Rome and Myrtle Beach. Strikes out waaaaaaaaay too much, but was still considered a midrange prospect at only 22. Ranked #27 on the BravesHeart Top 40 this offseason. Corresponding roster moves have not been made, aside from placing the 3 mentioned players on the restricted list. Oh, and one more Myrtle Beach note: Tyrelle Harris was sent back down to Rome, *again*. This is getting old.

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