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Escobar to the DL

Written by Joe Lucia on .

Yunel Escobar was placed on the 15 day DL late last night, and replaced on the active roster with Brandon Hicks...but you should all know that if you follow me on Twitter and Facebook! Regardless, the move will have an impact on the team. Escobar hasn't been hitting the ball too well at all, but his defense has been top notch (already with a UZR of 1.3...thats not UZR/150, thats just straight UZR. He's also a +5 on the Dewan system...in other words, awesome). He'll be replaced in the every day lineup by Omar Infante, who's swinging a very hot bat right now, and should fill in great for him at the dish while Escobar was struggling. We don't have enough data on Infante at short this year to get a UZR number, but his career mark at short is 3.4 per 150, but this year, he's already a -1 in Dewan...so he's overall going to be a downgrade over Escobar, the hope is that he's just not SO BAD at short that he ends up costing the team a win...which shouldn't be much of a concern considering Escobar will likely be back in 2 weeks or so. Now, lets talk about Mr Hicks. Advanced minor league defensive numbers aren't kept, but Hicks has always had the rep of being pretty great with the glove. Of course, he's got 6 errors this year...which either means his reputation isn't kept well, or he's just getting some bad breaks from the scorers upstairs. Hicks was initially lauded for his fantastic offense, but dropped off huge in 2009, posting an OPS of only .692 while posting a K rate of 28.2%. Not exactly what you like seeing...not all was bad, as he went a stellar 17 for 18 in steal attempts. Its been a different story for Brandon this year however, as his OPS has tanked down to .520, due in part to a BABIP of .225. He's not THIS bad and will rebound a little bit. Don't expect him to get a ton of playing time in the majors though...maybe a start a week with some pinch hitting mixed in there. Good to see him get a shot in The Show to see what he can do, even if it is only going to be for a short period of time. For a little more information on Hicks, check out my player preview of him from back in February.

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