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Game Recap - 5/10/10

Written by Joe Lucia on .

Braves 8 (14-18), Brewers 2 (15-17) WP: Hanson (3-2) LP: Davis (1-4) Hey look...offense! What the hell is that? Those are called "runs", and the more you score, its easier for you to win a baseball game! Isn't that great? Anyway. The Braves offense broke out big time tonight, but it comes with a couple of caveats...1) 6 of the 8 runs were scored in the 8th inning, and 2) the team still stranded 9 men. But enough with the negatives, lets just bask in a sweet, sweet win right now, huh? The Braves walked more times than they got hits tonight...strikes me as a little odd, but when Doug Davis is in the house, THERE ARE NO RULES! He was predictably bad, but shockingly, was only one out away from a quality start thanks to Rickie Weeks' defense making 3 of the runs scored unearned. The Braves actually got a couple of homers tonight too, which is stunning...the first was a solo blast by Troy Glaus that was an absolute BOMB to left-center field. The second was a grand slam by Martin Prado that capped the scoring in the 6th inning started by the aforementioned Glaus homer. Lots of Braves hitters did well tonight...the top 4 men in the order went a combined 5 for 15 with 4 runs, 6 RBI, and 5 walks. The back end of the order sucked as usual though...2 for 16, with 3 runs, 2 RBI, and 3 walks. A solid meh. What the hell is wrong with Brian McCann? His eyes must be bothering him, as he pulled down an 0 for 4 evening tonight. He was the only Brave not to reach base, and is hitting .229 on the year. He needs to get whatever is bothering him fixed, ASAP. The Braves didn't really need any offense tonight though...because like he tends to do when the team is slumping, Tommy Hanson went out to the hill and pitched his heart out, going 8 scoreless tonight, allowing only 5 Brewers baserunners and striking out 8. Game score: 81. Yeah, he's pretty good at baseball. Note to Chip Caray: never, ever call Hanson "Big Red" again. The team's ace pitcher is NOT a ginger kid. Do not make that generalization. Anyway. I was begging for Hanson to stay in for the 9th and finish what he started, but he was pulled with the healthy lead and all...Jesse Chavez came in and promptly allowed a 2 run homer. God, I hate Jesse Chavez. He's allowed 8 runs in his last 5 innings. Yeeeeeeah...do not want him anywhere near a close game. Braves return to Milwaukee tomorrow. It'll be Tim Hudson and Dave Bush...should be a barnburner, thats for sure. Also, a little bit of a SHILLZILLA comment. Fanball has rolled out a new way of playing fantasy sports called Snapdraft, which I think is a really innovative concept. The general idea is this: you have a payroll, and you pick your lineup of fantasy players conforming to the salary cap. You then join a league, which has an entry fee from as low as like, 50 cents to up to maybe 10 bucks or so. Then...you let the day's games play out like you would in any fantasy league. At the end of the day, if your team has the most points in your league...winner winner, chicken dinner! Pretty easy, right? If you're a degenerate gambler and a fantasy junkie like I am, this game could be your new best friend.

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