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Game Recap - 5/6/10

Written by Joe Lucia on .

Nationals 3 (15-13), Braves 2 (12-16) WP: Clippard (1-0) LP: O'Flaherty (1-1) The main question in my mind for this game...why in the name of god did O'Flaherty come in for the 9th innings? I know he didn't throw 9 pitches, but your bullpen is pretty well rested, and the meat of the Nats lineup is coming up...so why do you let O'Flaherty continue to pitch? More importantly, if Bobby was so adamant about letting him pitch...why do you pull him after the FIRST BATTER? Moylan threw 21 pitches the night before and probably wasn't the best bet to bring in. Predictably, his control was off and the Nats won the game without making an out in the 9th. All this bullpen crap ruined a fantastic outing by Tim Hudson, who allowed a pair of runs, both on solo homers, in 7 innings while walking none and striking out 4. Homers aren't a good sign, a lack of walks is a good sign. 2 runs is more than enough for your team to win. But then again, this is the Atlanta Braves... ...and this team got no hit by SCOTT OLSEN by 7 innings. Thats simply embarrassing. The offense got some mojo working in the 8th inning, and loaded the bases for pinch hitter Jason Heyward...and since Heyward is indeed the best player on the team, he hit a game tying two run single because he is INDEED the man. The Braves couldn't take the lead that inning, and it was the only real scoring threat they had all game. No Brave reached base more than once. Oh offense, what shall we do with you... There will be no Phillies series preview...1 because the Braves played them less than 2 weeks ago, 2 because I'm tired. Also, I'll be at the game tomorrow evening...I get to see Lowe and Moyer...yay? I dunno. Game recap and pic post will likely be up Saturday morning or late Friday night, depending on how long the game goes.

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