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Game Recap - 5/7/10

Written by Joe Lucia on .

Phillies 7 (18-11), Braves 0 (12-17) WP: Moyer (4-2) LP: Lowe (4-3) I don't really know how to explain what happened tonight. This was one of those "worst case scenario" games...something you'd see on CSI or another cop drama. Nothing went right. Derek Lowe got absolutely shelled and looked pretty awful all night, allowing 7 runs in only 5 innings, allowing an eyepopping 11 hits, walking 2, and somehow getting a pair of strikeouts. Just pathetic, really. On the bright side, the bullpen threw 3 scoreless innings, with Jonny Venters and Jesse Chavez sandwiching a successful major league debut for Craig Kimbrel, who allowed a double and struck out two in his inning of work. But it didn't matter what happened on the mound tonight. The Braves offense managed to get a whopping total of 2 hits tonight, both by Troy Glaus, off the ancient Jamie Moyer. Moyer and his 82 mph fastball only threw 105 pitches. Yes, I'm seriously. The Braves didn't feel it was necessary to work the count. No one walked. The only two hitters to average more than 4 pitches per AB were Melky Cabrera and Nate McLouth, the latter of which struck out twice. Matt Diaz and Martin Prado were particularly vile, each seeing single digit pitch totals in their 3 at bats. Diaz in fact had a terrible night, grounding into a double play on the pitch following Glaus's first single, and nearly doing it again after the second single. People wonder why Diaz isn't playing more? He has no patience and he strikes out a ton, hows that for you? Admittedly, its not much better than the alternative in Mr Cabrera, but its just a point I'm making. Here's a little food for though: Nate McLouth's OPS is .609. That is absolutely terrible, yes? It was the highest last night from the 5 to 9 hitters in the lineup, which includes both outfielders and the catcher. I mean, *really*? Yeah, I know the team is missing three of its best hitters right now...but Infante has been shockingly effective in place of Escobar, who wasn't hitting a lick. The loss of Heyward (who may go on the DL, which would almost surely lock up a 90 loss season) means that Cabrera is playing every day, and that is a disaster. And as for Ross, he's coming nowhere near to touching the form he showed last year. He still doesn't have an extra base hit. That is, I believe they say, "an epic fail". Game starts at 3ish today. Kris Medlen vs Joe Blanton. Here's hoping it doesn't get ugly quickly.

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