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HOT or NOT - 5/3/10 edition

Written by Joe Lucia on .

Haven't done one of these for 2 weeks now...the title is still offputting to me. HOT Jason Heyward: .350/.440/.850, 3 HR, 7 RBI. This one was elementary. Heyward has far and away been the Braves best hitter this season, and after a brief slump during the team's offensive struggles last week, he's bounced back in a big way the past few games. The rookie continues to slowly slide his way up the Braves lineup, and currently resides in the 6 hole. You have to think a promotion up the order is in the future for him if he can keep raking the way he has thusfar this season. Troy Glaus: .381/.519/.429, 5 RBI, 6 BB. Talk about someone turning it on. Glaus was downright horrible this season, and while the power still hasn't totally arrived, his patience has, and he is looking like the impact hitter the Braves envisioned upon signing him this offseason. He's not going to hit for a high average, because he never does, so fans shouldn't look forward to a ton of hits...but he will be able to get on base a lot and hit for a lot of power, so that is something we can all look forward to in the future. Omar Infante: .438/.438/.500, 3 RBI. I put Infante on here just because he hasn't been a complete drain on the Braves lineup like Yunel Escobar was when he was in. Infante has taken up residence near the bottom of the order (or sometimes leading off) with the absence of Escobar, and has thrived. With Melky Cabrera's sudden resurgence this week, and Heyward hitting in front of him, Infante has had runners on base in front of him most of his plate appearances, which allows him an opportunity to get runs home...an opportunity Yunel Escobar didn't take advantage of before he was hurt. With Escobar now on the DL, Infante will continue to get playing time and the Braves are expecting him to continue to produce. NOT Brian McCann: .167/.238/.167, 1 RBI, 5 K. Oh Brian, what are we going to do with you? The Braves catcher and franchise player continues to struggle and didn't have one hit go for extra bases all week. Sitting in the cleanup spot, McCann could be in danger of getting pushed down the order if his struggles continue and the duo of Troy Glaus and Jason Heyward continue to rake. Chipper Jones: .050/.269/.050, 1 RBI, 6 BB, 2 K. Speaking of players that might get bumped down in the order...Chipper Jones everybody! If it weren't for those 6 walks, Chipper would have been absolutely worthless as a player this week. .050 means a 1 for 20 week, which is something you can just have at the major league level, especially for a veteran like Chipper who has a history of hitting for a great average. Chipper should be able to rebound nicely, due to his very low BABIP...but the question lingers in all Braves fans minds: is this it for Chipper? It may very well be if he doesn't pick things up. Jesse Chavez: 0-0, 15.00, 1 BB, 2 K. And you thought I forgot about the pitchers...it was a bad week for Chavez, though admittedly, most of the damage came in one appearance. But from a guy who (in my mind at least) has been stunningly effective this season, it came as a mild shock to see him get roughed up...though I took a sick pleasure in it because I could toot my I WAS ALWAYS RIGHT!!! horn, which I didn't out of respect to my readers. The major question for Chavez is whether his performance earlier this season is indicative of what we can expect from him, or whether his outings last week were par for the course. We shall see in the coming weeks and months. Series preview for the Natspos is coming tonight.

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