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McCann Wins Silver Slugger

Written by Joe Lucia on .

Hot off the presses: Brian McCann won his fourth NL Silver Slugger award tonight. He's played 5 full seasons in the majors, and only didn't win in 2007, his worst season as a professional. Russell Martin won that season due in part to McCann's .270/.320/.452 line. 2010 was better than that year, but not by a whole lot....269/.375/.453. The only major difference between the two seasons is McCann's newfound mastery of the strikezone, helping him become an even more complete player. His walk total was a career high 74 this season, but his strikeouts also peaked at 98.

In an interesting aside, Braves catchers have won 6 of the 8 Silver Sluggers at catcher since Mike Piazza's reign of dominance ended in 2003. Javy Lopez won that year, and Johnny Estrada won in 2004. With McCann in the fold for the next few seasons at minimum, that streak will probably be increased a little more. Congratulations to Brian on his award!


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