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The Tale of Mr Boras and Mr Salcedo

Written by Joe Lucia on .

News broke early this morning about super agent to the stars (ahem) Scott Boras loaning money to young Hispanic players. Anything over $500 needs to be reported to the player's union and failure to do so could result in the agent getting in deep doodoo. Boras was loaning THOUSANDS of dollars to these players. One of them is Braves uberprospect Edward Salcedo. Boras apparently loaned Salcedo and his family $70,000 when he was 15 years old to help with their economic situation. The money has not been repaid to Boras after he asked for it back when Salcedo signed with the Braves and got a 7 figure signing bonus at the beginning of the year. Salcedo's agent is...Scott Boras. Everyone is putting two and two together without really knowing what the hell is going on. They see Boras giving Salcedo and his family money, Salcedo signing with Boras's agency and getting signed...and of course, everyone automatically assumes that Boras paid off the Salcedos in order to get Edward to choose Boras as his agent.

We don't know what the case really is right now. Like I said, details just started emerging about this in the morning. No comments from Boras, no comments from Salcedo...we don't know what's going on here. Was it a bribe? Or was it an actual, legitimate loan? Why has the money not been paid back yet?

Now, the question Braves fans feel is most important, myself included. What can happen to Salcedo in this situation? Quite frankly...I have no idea. This isn't the NCAA, its not as if he can lose eligibility for taking money from an agent before he was a professional. No wins are going to be vacated or anything silly like that. I doubt his contract will be voided, since it was negotiated in good faith by the Braves without knowledge of the loan. And seriously, is the loan even grounds for the contract to be voided? MLB doesn't exactly void contracts every day, it takes a pretty serious breach for that to happen.

We are all going to need to take a step back and see just what the hell is going to happen here. My gut tells me that everything will be fine with regards to Salcedo, except that he might have a new agent and be about 70 grand lighter. But for Boras? This could be a huge knife in the chest for him and his firm. With the MLB's recent crackdown on the nonsense going on in the Hispanic countries (the bonus skimming, the age verifications, etc), they could look to make an example out of Boras like they did Jose Rijo for the Nationals. As a baseball fan, I'm really interested in seeing what actually happens...or if it just gets swept under the rug with a slap to the wrist of the most powerful agent in the sport.

UPDATE: I've got conflicting reports on whether or not he's still with Boras. One article said he was, the initial news of his signing said he left Boras during his age investigation snafu.

UPDATE 2: Boras responds

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