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There Is Nothing Going On

Written by Joe Lucia on .

We got our huge offseason move out of the way a week ago, with the Dan Uggla trade. We're in a little bit of a holding pattern now...nothing to focus on, nothing to really write about. Just a bunch of procedural nonsense and playing the waiting game. I'm going to be starting up my season in reviews here once I get my archives migrated over from BravesHeart. Its taking forever for Fanball to get me the data, so I'm just kinda spinning around in my chair wishing, waiting patiently. I can do the AFL recap...probably tonight or tomorrow. The AFL was a total disaster for the Braves. Everyone got hurt and/or played horribly aside from Cory Harrilchak. I don't like writing about depressing things like that, but I guess I'm going to have to.

Some actual baseball news...its apparently a two horse race for Eric Hinske, between the Braves and the Brewers. The Brewers? Really? Apparently Hinske lives in Wisconsin, so that's got something to do with it. The Braves offer was in the range of $1.5 million. I'd love to have Hinske back, but I'm not really going to freak out if he ends up leaving. It'll be a shame, but that's how the cookie crumbles. At the end of the day, he's still a bench player. A very effective, popular bench player, but a bench player nonetheless. Nothing worth losing any sleep over. The big sticking point is that Hinske wants two years instead of one. Bench players can be notoriously fickle, but if David Ross can get two years, I think Hinske can get two years from the Braves. Make it happen!

The Braves declined to offer arbitration to all of their arb-eligible free agents. Those guys are Derrek Lee, Rick Ankiel, Kyle Farnsworth, Troy Glaus, and Hinske. Lee was the only one who could bring in a compensatory draft pick, as a type A free agent. So it looks like the Braves will only have one first round pick this coming June, unless Frank Wren goes bonkers and signs a big name on the market and loses the pick. That's highly unlikely, however. Out of those 5, the only one I could see coming back is Hinske. MAYBE Farnsworth on a one year, low money deal. Glaus, Lee, and Ankiel are gone with the wind. If Freddie Freeman weren't here, I would have liked to see Lee come back. He had a great 2 months with the Braves, regardless of what the haters say.

Is there anything else going on? Uhhhhhh...apparently not. So let's get a couple of shills out of the way: follow me on Twitter @JoeCNC, and become a fan of Chop N Change on Facebook by clicking that little F icon on the right hand side of your page near the top. You can click the aqua T for my Twitter page too. Lots of good stuff on there, so be sure to check them out. I'll be back a couple more times this week with some boring content pieces, and hopefully some news will break around this Thanksgiving holiday so we can actually discuss Braves baseball in 2011!

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