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2010 Season in Review: Kyle Farnsworth

Written by Joe Lucia on .

The long-anticipated return of THE FARNS didn't go quite as well as the Braves hoped it would...I was satisfied though. Then again, I'm completely insane. Kyle Farnsworth was acquired by the Braves at the July 31st trade deadline along with Rick Ankiel in exchange for Gregor Blanco, Jesse Chavez, and Tim Collins. Chavez and Blanco were spare parts that didn't matter, but the loss of Collins hurt. He was acquired from the Braves at the All-Star Break in the Yunel Escobar trade, and in his brief tenure with the Mississippi Braves, he struck out 14 batters and walked 3 in only 8 innings. For the season, Collins struck out 108 while walking 27 and allowing 5 homers (all before his trade to the Royals), finishing up at AAA Omaha for Kansas City. He was a Baseball America minor league all-star, and should spent his 20111 in the Royals bullpen. The man the Braves got for him...yeah, he was a little less impressive. Kyle Farnsworth Stats with Kansas City and Atlanta: 3-2, 3.34 ERA, 64 2/3 IP, 55 H, 4 HR, 19 BB, 61 K Doesn't look too bad from the outset, but then you dive into things a little deeper, and look at how he performed as a Brave: a 5.40 ERA with 2 homers, 7 walks, and 25 strikeouts in 20 innings. And you know what? I'm wrong. That's really not all that bad, with a 3.05 FIP. Braves fans hated the acquisition from the beginning and took a big steaming dump all over Farnsworth, though. I stayed true...don't really know how well that worked out for me. As a Brave, he struck out more than a batter per inning and kept his walks at a manageable level. I'll take it. Farnsworth probably won't be back in Atlanta next season, and if he is, it'll be under a different contract. The team has a horrifying $5.25 million option on him (why would you put an option on Kyle Farnsworth worth so much!??!) with a buyout of $250K. That buyout will undoubtedly be exercised, but I could see the team trying to bring him back on a lower salary. As much as Braves fans despise him for what ended his first tenure in Atlanta (the nightmare in Houston in the NLDS), he was still an effective pitcher for the team, albeit in low leverage situations. There is going to be some turnover in the pen, and I'd like to see a veteran like Farnsworth in there. But then again, the point remains...I'm completely insane and have an irrational hero worship complex going for the Farns. So I'm not the most unbiased source going on this topic.

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