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Cabrera, Saito, Boscan Released

Written by Joe Lucia on .

Some actual transactions on your Tuesday! The Braves made 3 moves today to clear some space on their 40-man roster. The first one will result in jubilant screams of glee all across the Braves fanbase, and that was the release of Melky Cabrera. Cabrera would have made a great fourth outfielder for the Braves in 2010...the problem is, he got enough plate appearances to qualify for the batting title. That screams "starter" instead of "backup" to me. He was due an arbitration raise after the season, and with how bad he played, it didn't surprise me in the slightest that the team didn't bring him back. I imagine some desperate team out there could give him a decent bit of cash to start for them. He does have a ring after all. In fact, I wouldn't mind if the Braves brought him back...for maybe a million dollars, as a FOURTH OUTFIELDER, not a starter. Takashi Saito was also released, as per a stipulation in his contract. Saito was flat out fantastic for the Braves this season despite missing time with injury on a couple of different occasions. His season ended a little early due to some shoulder tendinitis, and he wasn't quite right for the playoffs. If his shoulder is fine and Saito wants to play another season, I'd welcome him back with open arms for the same contract he signed last season. A team would probably be willing to offer him more money though, if his health is alright. The final move is more of a minor one, with the release of career minor leaguer JC Boscan. Boscan was called up to the majors for the first time this September, and walked in his sole plate appearance. This is more of a move to clear the necessary roster spot. If Boscan wishes to continue playing, I'd assume the Braves would love to have him back at Gwinnett. Rumors were also floating around that he could get a minor league coaching position if he doesn't want to play anymore. Regardless of what happens, I expect him to stay in the organization. Some non-release news...yesterday in the AFL, Freddie Freeman sprained his thumb sliding into third base on a triple. He was pulled from the game after scoring, and there's no word on how serious the injury is. Hopefully its just a day to day thing, but thumb injuries are tough. Look at Jason Heyward's battle with one this season. Freeman is going to be the starting first baseman in 2011, and the Braves absolutely need him healthy.

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