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Game Recap - 10/10/10

Written by Joe Lucia on .

Giants 3, Braves 2 WP: Romo (1-0) LP: Kimbrel (0-1) SV: Wilson (1) I don't even know what to say at this point. Jonathan Sanchez dominated the Braves for 7 innings. In those 7 innings, he allowed 2 baserunners and struck out 11 Braves hitters. It was shades of Tim Lincecum on Thursday night. Then...the 8th inning comes along. Alex Gonzalez with a hard hit single to right center to start the inning. Brooks Conrad (more on him later) pops up a bunt for the first out, just to add to his great day. Troy Glaus steps in to pinch hit for Rick Ankiel, but Bruce Bochy goes to his pen and brings in Sergio Romo. Bobby counters with Eric Hinske. Hinske works the count to 2-2, and on that 2-2 pitch...he lines one off the right field foul pole. 2-1 Braves. Mayhem in Atlanta. Absolute chaos. We go to the 9th, up 1. No Billy Wagner, remember? So Craig Kimbrel comes in to close. Probably the smart move. He gets a pop up from Cody Ross for the first out, and walks Travis Ishikawa on a 3-2 pitch. That brings up Andres Torres, who strikes out. 2 outs. And then...Freddy Sanchez singles up the middle. But it wasn't a hard hit. It bounced off the mound. It wasn't a sign that Kimbrel was losing gas or anything like that. So what's Bobby do? He pulls Kimbrel, his closer next season...to bring in Mike Dunn. Mike Dunn is not a very good pitcher, despite what his low ERA will tell you. He walks a lot of guys, and manages to strand them by being a lucky, lucky man. Dunn's first hitter is Aubrey Huff, who lines one into right field in front of Jason Heyward. Tie game. Dunn's night is over, and in comes Peter Moylan. Shoulda brought him in first if you're gonna go crazy. Moylan gets the inning ending ground ball he needs from Buster Posey...only it goes through Conrad's legs at second. Giants lead. Kyle Farnsworth struck out the next batter. But it didn't matter. The lone run the Giants got before that 9th inning came after a ball bounced off Jason Heyward's glove in the second, allowing Mike Fontenot to go to third on a triple. The next batter popped it up into right field, a relatively routine play...and Conrad dropped it, allowing the run to score. Conrad also bobbled a ball in the first inning. 3 errors on the day, plus a popped up bunt. He should be on the bench for the remainder of the series. Just too much of a liability at this point. Tim Hudson stepped up and had a fantastic start today. 7 innings of 1 run ball, and as I just discussed, that one run was unearned due to the Conrad error. 4 hits, 4 walks, 5 strikeouts, and first pitch strikes to 24 of 29 hitters. He was sublime. Can't blame Huddy for this one, he manned up big time. The offense struggled. In the 9th, Brian McCann reached on an infield single to give the Braves hope, but that hope died with a Nate McLouth game ending ground out. Home plate umpire Paul Emmel was a disaster in the 9th, calling pitches a foot off the plate strikes that he didn't call all game. Jason Heyward didn't swing his bat once during his 6 pitch at bat, saw 1 strike, and struck out. That's not right. Emmel's been an abortion all season, from the Posey steal call in game 1, to the Gonzalez call at first base when Huff came off the bag in game 2, to the mess behind the plate tonight. The offense was bad as usual tonight, but I don't want to harp on that. When you strike out 12 times and walk once in a game...you're not doing something right. Matt Diaz saw 10 pitches. Gonzalez saw 13. Conrad saw 7. At least wait the guy out and see what he's got to offer instead of HACK HACK HACKING. Pathetic. Do or die time tomorrow. Primetime game at 8:37. Derek Lowe goes on 3 days rest for the Braves, and he's opposed by Madison Bumgarner for the Giants. Yeah, they're saving Lincecum in case they blow it tomorrow. Great...light at the end of the tunnel. Beat the rookie, get the 2 time Cy Young winner.

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