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Game Recap - 10/11/10

Written by Joe Lucia on .

Giants 3, Braves 2 Giants win series 3-1 WP: Bumgarner (1-0) LP: Lowe (0-2) SV: Wilson (2) You can't blame Derek Lowe for this one. He pitched his heart out. A no hitter through 5 innings, and then...a Cody Ross (of COURSE it would be Cody Ross) solo homer in the 6th to make it a tie game. The Braves got a solo homer from Brian McCann in the bottom of the 6th to retake the lead, but it would be short lived. Lowe would get the first out in the 7th, and then allowed a walk to Aubrey Huff and an infield single to Buster Posey. Bobby came to take him out, but Lowe pleaded to stay in the game...and Bobby agreed. So he did, and proceeded to walk Pat Burrell to load the bases. That would be all for Lowe. Peter Moylan in. He gets a grounder, but unfortunately, it wasn't in a great spot for Alex Gonzalez. He made a bad throw to second and was charged with an error, but really, it shouldn't have been one. Tie game. Moylan out, Jonny Venters in. Venters struck out Aaron Rowand, to bring up Ross again. Of course, he singled into left to bring in the go ahead run. Matt Diaz threw out Burrell at the plate, but it didn't matter. The Giants took the lead, and that would be all. Lowe would allow 4 baserunners on the night, and 3 would score. Not fair at all to pin this on him. The offense struggled as usual, but they weren't nearly as bad as in game 1 or game 3. The Braves put 10 men on base, stranded 9, and went 0/6 with runners in scoring position, per the norm. Brian McCann drove in both Braves runs, with a sac fly in the third and the aforementioned solo homer in the 6th. Jason Heyward had a pair of hits as he moved down in the order. The team threatened in the 9th, putting a couple on after a pair of walks by Brian Wilson, but couldn't get either run in. It really is fitting that the season came down to Melky Cabrera at the plate, didn't it? One of the most hated men on the team, with the season on the line. Nate McLouth didn't even get a chance to bat in this game. He was burned as a pinch runner in the 8th inning, and was left to rot. So what's next? The AFL starts tomorrow. There will be coverage of that, though I have no earthly idea how I'm going to work it. Postseason player reviews will be starting next week. I'm not starting them in order to reflect on the season a little bit. We had a hell of a run this year, but now, its over. Time to think about 2011.

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