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Playoff Roster Set & Tonight's Lineup

Written by Joe Lucia on .

I was nearly dead on! Hooray Here's the playoff roster. Catcher (2): Brian McCann, David Ross Infielder (7): Troy Glaus, Derrek Lee, Omar Infante, Alex Gonzalez, Eric Hinske, Brooks Conrad, Diory Hernandez Outfielder (5): Matt Diaz, Jason Heyward, Nate McLouth, Rick Ankiel, Melky Cabrera Left-handed pitcher (3): Mike Dunn, Jonny Venters, Billy Wagner Right-handed pitcher (8): Brandon Beachy, Tim Hudson, Derek Lowe, Tommy Hanson, Kyle Farnsworth, Cristhian Martinez, Peter Moylan, Craig Kimbrel Yup, replace Saito with Cabrera, and my roster is accurate. Wasn't exactly brain surgery to figure out. Now, a look at tonight's lineup. Infante, 3B Heyward, RF McCann, C Lee, 1B Gonzalez, SS Diaz, LF Conrad, 2B Ankiel, CF Lowe, P Matt Diaz starting against a righty, and Alex Gonzalez hitting in the 5-hole. I am in hell. Unfortunately, there's not a lot that can be done about things with the way the current roster is constructed. I like that Infante and Conrad are back at their more natural positions, but if you remember Sunday, it didn't make much of a difference as each committed an error. I guess Ankiel is starting for his defense, and showing a pulse in his last start on Sunday against Philly, reaching base 3 times. The game will be starting in around 4 hours...nerves are shot. Lets get a win!

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