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Saito Replaces Wagner, Other Notes

Written by Joe Lucia on .

The news has finally come down. In a move we all expected, but was just officially announced, Takashi Saito will be replacing Billy Wagner on the NLDS roster. This is good news. If the Braves don't want to let Craig Kimbrel close out games here in the playoffs, Saito is more than capable of filling the role for the team. He's got 3 2/3 innings of playoff experience in his career, so its not exactly his first rodeo. Now, while Saito hasn't been AS good as Wagner this season, he's still been great. Its a downgrade overall, but not much of one. The move also allows Jair Jurrjens more time to get healthy in prep for a possible NLCS start. Speaking of starts...it was also announced today that Derek Lowe will be starting game 4 on 3 days rest, while Tommy Hanson will be starting game 5 (if necessary) on regular rest. That gives the team the option to use Brandon Beachy out of the bullpen tonight and tomorrow if the team needs him. This is very good. Essentially, the Braves added 2 fresh arms to the bullpen after running through nearly the entire relieving corps on Friday. This is very good. Giants lineup tonight: Mike Fontenot is starting at third base in place of Pablo Sandoval. Fontenot can't hit his way out of a wet paper bag, but Sandoval wasn't doing too hot either. Seems like a slight downgrade overall. I'll take it.

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