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Tonight's Game 4 Lineup

Written by Joe Lucia on .

There are changes. Oh yes, there are changes. Infante, 2B Diaz, LF Lee, 1B McCann, C Gonzalez, SS Heyward, RF Glaus, 3B Ankiel, CF Lowe, P First thing you notice is that Brooks Conrad is thankfully on the bench after last night, and that Troy Glaus will be starting at third. This could end very badly if Glaus' knees are still completely shot. With Lowe on the mound, there are going to be a lot of balls put on the ground, and Glaus is desperately going to need to be able to play some sort of defense, or the Braves are screwed. If he shows that he can...man, are we gonna feel stupid about starting Conrad these past few games. Glaus' bat is an upgrade over Conrad's, healthy or not. The other big change is that Matt Diaz and Jason Heyward have swapped spots in the batting order. Heyward has been ice cold these playoffs, still without a hit and with 7 strikeouts to his name. Though to be fair, that last at bat last night...yeah, that was a total raw deal. But that's in the past. I guess Bobby needs to do what Bobby needs to do to shake up this lineup and try to get some runs on the board. Bizarre that McLouth is on the bench AGAIN, but those are the breaks I guess. He's a whopping 1/2 in the playoffs so far. But that's more hits than Diaz and Melky have combined, so whatever. As bad as Diaz has been in this series, I'm sure Melky would have mucked things up worse. Maybe. I don't know anymore. I really wish the Braves were heading into tonight's game with a 2-1 lead instead of being in a 2-1 hole. But when you've got a manager like Bobby that loves to play the matchups, no matter how wrong or misguided they may be, you have to take what you can get. Also worth noting that Brandon Beachy still hasn't thrown an inning. Keep running Mike Dunn out there, but don't let Beachy get an appearance. Makes sense to me. Its not like he was a solid arm for the team down the stretch. Cristhian Martinez hasn't pitched either, but that's probably a good thing.

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