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Tonight's Lineup & Notes

Written by Joe Lucia on .

Checking in before the game in 4 hours... Here is tonight's lineup for game 3 against the Giants Infante, 3B Heyward, RF Lee, 1B McCann, C Diaz, LF Gonzalez, SS Conrad, 2B Ankiel, CF Hudson, P This was the game I expected Matt Diaz to be starting, since Giants starter Jonathan Sanchez is a lefty. He's gotten more playing time than I thought he would this series, and its not working as well as could be expected. I really don't like him hitting in the 5 spot. The men hitting in the 5 hole this series have been Alex Gonzalez, Melky Cabrera, and now Diaz. Not exactly a murderer's row. Jason Heyward needs to get things rolling. He still doesn't have a hit this series, and has struck out 4 times in 8 at bats. Thankfully, Brian McCann has had a good couple of games...he was struggling really badly down the stretch. And now, today's Billy Wagner update. There...is no update. He will probably be removed from the roster, but nothing is official yet. If he's removed, he'll be replaced by either Takashi Saito or Jair Jurrjens. Saito replacing him would be fantastic, as it would essentially be a lateral move. If JJ replaces him though? Well...he could be getting a start this series. And his last few starts in the regular season weren't too hot. The Braves can't afford another stinker at this point in time. I'd rather have Derek Lowe going on 3 days rest or Brandon Beachy and his 3 games of major league experience getting the nod. I don't know who that says more about, me or Jurrjens...but yeah.

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