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5 Who Made an Impact

Written by Joe Lucia on .

Finally getting the third part of this series up...been a crazy couple of days. This is the third and final piece of the series I started on Tuesday about the top 40 prospect list...this one will look at 5 guys who were unranked who had strong seasons and may have played their way onto the list. Note: I wrote about a few guys from the 2010 draft who have had strong seasons last week...none of the guys I mentioned in that piece will be on this list, though they may be on the next top 40. And there may be some 2010 draftees on this list too...confused yet? Good! Lets go. Willie Cabrera. Cabrera spent most of his season in Mississippi, with a cup of coffee in Gwinnett. It was part of his 3rd straight season at Mississippi, and he put it all together pretty well: compared to last season in Mississippi, he increased his slash line from .275/.333/.402 to .298/.359/.439. Despite Cabrera's walk rate dropping by 1%, he cut his strikeout rate down to a fantastic rate of 10.7% and slightly upped his ISO from .127 to .141. Just for the hell of it, he's started stealing bases too: 13/20 isn't a great clip at all, but its much better than the 3/10 rate he put up last season. Paul Clemens. He started off in Rome before earning a spot at Myrtle Beach, and has pitched well for the Pelicans, both in relief and in a starting role. For the season, he's allowed only 4 homers in 88 2/3 innings, while walking 36 and striking out 76. Not the sexiest numbers...but hey, it adds up to a FIP of 3.29, which is more than acceptable for a 22 year old. Clemens has actually been more effective as a starter, posting a 35:11 K:BB ratio in his 36 2/3 innings at the front of the game. Steve Kent. Steve Kent has been an absolute FORCE for Rome this year, and he's still flying under the radar. Kent was signed way back in 2005 as a 16 year old out of Australia and played 3 seasons for the GCL and Danville before blowing his elbow out and missing all of 2009. He started 2010 with Rome in June, and has been fantastic for the R-Braves: in 34 1/3 innings, he's allowed 1 homer, walked 8, and struck out 48. He's still only 21 years old, so its not as if he's a man among boys here. His last 2 appearances for Rome have come in a starting role, so they may be looking to get him back into the swing of things there...I'm very interested in seeing how that ends up. Cory Brownsten. A catcher drafted this year out of Pitt...a teammate of Joe Leonard. I omitted Brownsten from the look at the 2010 draftees, and that was a mistake. He raked for the GCL this season, and made an impression in his one game with Danville, going 3/4 with a pair of doubles and 5 RBI in their season finale Tuesday. He only played in 35 games this season, but put up a .306/419/.459 line, walking 16 times and striking out only 11 in 98 at bats. Add another catcher to the depth chart...Brownsten, Ryan Delgado, and Christian Bethancourt are going to be going at it for playing time next spring. Barret Kleinknecht. The 2010 draftee spent most of his season in Danville, before earning a callup to Rome to finish out his year. His line for the season sits at .300/.322/.445, so the patience could use some work...5 walks in 53 games just won't cut it at the professional level. I like the 25 strikeouts in 220 at bats though...good ratio there. Average power for a 3B with a .145 ISO. That piece was harder to write than I thought...more goodies before the game if any news tidbits pop up.

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