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Game Recap - 9/12/10

Written by Joe Lucia on .

Cardinals 7 (74-67), Braves 3 (82-62) WP: Lohse (3-7) LP: Hudson (15-8) Well, that was depressing. The Braves get PUJOLS'D, Tim Hudson has a bad outing, and the Braves can't make magic happen against Kyle Lohse...it bites. It really does. We'll start with Hudson. He was getting nickel and dimed with little bloops and bleeders all night...but plays need to be made on those balls. You can't let pitcher Kyle Lohse bleed one under Alex Gonzalez's glove. You can't let Brendan Ryan and his .585 OPS triple in 2 runs. You just can't do it. And yet...that's what happened in the 2 losses to the Cardinals: the big players hurt the Braves, but the crappy players drove the knife even deeper. It sucks to see Pujols, Holliday, and Rasmus only driving in 3 runs...but scoring 4. The 2 homers by Pujols were bad, but they were solo shots: not killers. You need to prevail against the lower end of the lineup...and Hudson failed in that regard tonight. The bullpen pitched pretty well...1 run in 4 innings, but 3 hits and 3 walks. Eh. But how about Craig Kimbrel...2 strikeouts in a scoreless 8th, including getting Pujols on 3 pitches. He's gonna be a force of nature next year. Offensively, the Braves hit Lohse hard...but swung at too many first pitches and only worked one walk. The extra base hits weren't an issue tonight: the Braves got 5 of them. 2 for 10 with runners in scoring position isn't going to get the job done, though. The real killer inning was the 3rd...Braves had men on the corners and just scored, and Derrek Lee struck out on a crappy 3-2 pitch to end the inning. Nate McLouth, who is absolutely scorching hot, was on deck and I would have loved to see him get a shot. But alas. The Braves got a couple of runs late...one on a McLouth homer (he was also robbed of one by Colby Rasmus in the 4th), and one on an Alex Gonzalez RBI single (driving in..McLouth, imagine that), but it wasn't enough. A rally was mounted in the 9th, getting the tying run on deck, but Martin Prado lined out to left to end the game. 3 major offensive studs today...the aforementioned McLouth homered and doubled, Gonzalez had 3 hits, and Heyward had a pair of walks and a pair of doubles. Omar Infante had a couple of hits too. Just a crappy night for luck...they got the hits, they got the extra base hits, just not in the right situations. Braves fall back to a game out in the east, game up in the wild card over the Padres/Giants duo...lurking a game and a half behind those 2 are the Rockies, who scare me more than any other team in the league. They are truly dangerous. Tomorrow's game features the Nats coming to town...thank god. Newly signed Yuniesky Maya makes his second career start for Washington against Derek Lowe. Sweet...runs shouldn't be an issue for either team tomorrow.

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