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Game Recap - 9/17/10

Written by Joe Lucia on .

Braves 6 (84-64), Mets 4 (74-74) WP: Hanson (10-11) LP: Niese (9-9) SV: Wagner (34) When Tommy Hanson had an implosion in the 2nd inning, I was seeing red. 3 runs, following an inning where the Braves put a man on 2nd with none out and couldn't get him home...seemed like the same old song and dance. To his credit, Hanson settled down after that crappy second inning and put things together nicely...1 walk, 4 strikeouts, 4 earned in 6 innings. He allowed a BOMB of a solo homer in the 4th, but overall...he was fine. He only threw 86 pitches as well, I guess to save him a little down the stretch run? Whatever. Bullpen was magnificent: one baserunner in 3 innings. Bad news: Takashi Saito left the game with a sore right shoulder. Losing him for an extended stretch isn't a good thing...he's been great for this team this season. Looked great tonight, striking out both batters he faced. Billy Wagner had an effortless 9th to pick up the save. Offensively...all the damage came in the 4th inning. It was a nightmare of an inning for the Mets, with a David Wright throwing error on a Matt Diaz GP ball keeping the inning alive for Melky Cabrera to #fist a ball into left center to bring in Derrek Lee to make it 3-1. Jon Niese made the terrible mistake of walking Tommy Hanson to load the bases for Omar Infante, who doubled down the left field line. Bam, tie game. Jason Heyward then came up and tattooed a Niese pitch off the facade in right field to make it 6-3. Boom shaka lacka. The Braves wouldn't get another hit the rest of the game. Kinda funny, actually. Top of the lineup did all the damage: Infante walked and had his big double, Heyward singled and had his homer, and Lee walked twice and singled. Hanson also walked twice. Helping his own cause...loving it. 3/8 with RISP, and 2 of those hits were for extra bases. That's how you're supposed to do it, guys. Phillies won, Padres are losing big. A Padres loss would make the wild card lead a game and a half...thats a good thing, we like breathing room. Tomorrow's game is one of those 4 PM FOX games, and I'll actually be able to watch it between college football games. Tim Hudson goes for the Braves, while the Mets counter with rookie Dillon Gee. Well...GEE (pun), I wonder who's got the advantage in that matchup.

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