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Game Recap - 9/22/10

Written by Joe Lucia on .

Phillies 1 (92-61), Braves 0 (86-67) WP: Madson (6-2) LP: Venters (4-3) SV: Lidge (26) You cannot blame the pitching for this one. Hell...the pitching really wasn't the issue all series. The Phillies set up their 3 aces against the Braves, and they did what they were advertised to do: shut the Braves down. Tonight? The Braves got 1 hit. ONE HIT. But hey, 2 guys walked! That counts for something, right? At least they only stranded 3 men. It was a crappy offensive night, and the Braves couldn't touch Roy Oswalt. He was really, really good tonight. Tommy Hanson was also really, really good tonight and left the game in the 6th with the score knotted at 0. Quite frankly...he was great. 6 innings, only 2 hits, 3 walks, 4 strikeouts...you can't complain. The bullpen held for 1 2/3 innings, then Jonny Venters imploded. He walked Jayson Werth (one of 3 for him on the night), and Raul Ibanez stepped in and blooped one down the left field line that hit the chalk. Werth scored. Phillies lead. Game over. No reason for Venters to even be in the game. He's absolutely burned out and destroyed at this point. The Braves now sit 6 out in the east. For all intents and purposes, the race in the NL East is over and done with. The Braves hold a half game lead on the Padres in the NL wild card race right now. Their game is just getting started. Here's hoping that Ted Lilly and the hapless Dodgers manage to hold them down so we can stay in the playoffs for another day. Tomorrow is an offday for the Braves, before the team heads to Washington in an attempt to salvage the road trip. Friday's starters are Tim Hudson and Jordan Zimmermann. After 3 aces in a row, its good to see someone like Zimmermann. We could use a guy like him. I will not be attending the series like I initially planned on...if I did, there would be another Spiderman incident like there was in Philly on Monday. And we don't want that, right?

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