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Season in Review: DSL Braves

Written by Joe Lucia on .

A look at some of the youngest guys on the farm...well, the guys who are supposed to be the youngest guys on the farm. DSL Braves 36-29 (.554), 3rd in division All-stars: Abraham Espinosa (midseason), Aris Alcantara (midseason) This DSL team succeeded because of one facet of the team, that being its pitching staff. Only 2 players on the team posted OPSes above .800 for the DSL team this season: Edward Salcedo, who's .885 mark led the team, but was promoted to Rome after only 23 games. The other Brave to post an OPS that high was 19 year old Felix Marte, who's line for the season rested at .269/.357/.466. Marte came into his own this season, his third playing the DSL with an 11.1% walk rate, a solid .197 ISO, and a...not so solid 35.6% strikeout rate. My favorite offensive prospect on the team however, aside from the promoted Salcedo, is Aris Alcantara, a 20 year old first baseman also in his third season of complex ball. Alcantara flashed minimal power with an ISO of only .131, but showed good secondary skills, as his walk rate was strong at 12.7% and his strikeout rate was strong at 19.7%. No one else on the DSL's offense really jumps out at me as a potential star, though many of these guys are still really raw and young. Now, the real meat and potatoes of this article: the pitching. Oh, is there ever some sexy young pitching in San Pedro. My favorite young pitcher, and probably the best prospect on the team is 17 year old Abraham Espinosa, who I've written extensively about during the Weekly Prospect Reports this season. The 17 year old posted some fantastic stats in his 70 innings pitched: 11 walks, 54 strikeouts, and only 3 homers allowed. He wasn't as good as his 1.41 ERA may dictate, but he's still one HELL of a young prospect, and I'd assume the Braves will take it slow with him. And by the way...he's from Panama, same as Randall Delgado. Espinosa isn't as lanky as Delgado, but he's still got a lithe body type: 6'1", 175. Another interesting guy to look at, functioning as a reliever for the DSL team...19 year old Ignacio Geronimo. In addition to having a *fantastic* name, he's got some dominant numbers as well: 36 strikeouts, 10 walks, and nary a homer allowed in 37 2/3 IP, while only allowing 20 hits as well. Relief prospects are notoriously tough to get very excited about due to how limited they are, but its still good to see a youngster striking out a batter per inning while showing good control and keeping the ball in the park. 19 year old Jean Carlos Gil is another prospect you might want to keep an eye on. This kid is a sabermetrician's dream...1 homer, 7 walks, and 66 strikeouts in 66 2/3 IP. That gives him a FIP of 1.73...don't see a number that low too often. He actually had an ERA of 1.89, so he was unlucky...imagine that, you strike out a batter per inning and walk less than a batter per 9 innings, and you're unlucky. God I love numbers. This season in review is a little brief, and I apologize for that...its just that we don't really know a lot about the kids in the DSL. No footage of games exists, box scores trickle in late...its really a tough situation to analyze. Rest assured though, the next 6 parts in this series looking at the rest of the minor league organization will be more in depth and look at some more players.

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