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Game Recap 9/13/11

Written by Jeremy Reed on .

Braves 7, Marlins 1

Okay folks.  We can all take a step back from the ledge now, and hopefully the panic that has gripped Braves fans for the past week will start to abate after the first win in two years or so.  Coming into tonight’s game, the Braves playoff odds stood at 94.5% or 93.9% depending on the source.  While that certainly doesn’t look nearly as good as the 99.4% of a week ago, remember that it took as bad of a week as the Braves have seen all year to drop it all of 5%.  The world isn’t ending, and the Braves won tonight. Exhale.

I heard a certain Braves announcer say earlier this year that homeruns are rally killers.  The Braves had two rallies killed tonight.  Brian McCann and Dan Uggla were the culprits with both hitting three run home runs…the nerve of these guys.  Uggla has now hit 34 on the year and trails Pujols by one for the National League lead which is crazy when you think about his first half.  It’s good to see McCann get a couple of hits, and hopefully he’s breaking out of his funk.  Larry Wayne collected two hits, Alex Gonzalez had three hits with two doubles, and Freddie Freeman walked twice so it was a good all around effort in this one.

Fredi must be giddy about these expanded rosters as he found a way to use six pitchers in this one.  He almost always does a good job pulling the starter at the right time, but it’d be nice if he figured out that relievers other than Martinez can pitch multiple innings.  Outside of the four walks, Minor had a good outing.  The Braves have gotten excellent work from their young starters this year, with the only noticeable flaw being their inability to pitch efficiently and go deeper into games.  That should come with experience though.

It’s hard to complain about this one.  The Cardinals won, but as long as the Braves take care of their business, they need not worry.  The biggest concern now is health and getting Lowe, Venters, Heyward, and McCann playing better for the playoffs.  It’ll be the Fish tomorrow in an afternoon start and then an off day before the Mets come to town in what looks to be a good opportunity to solidify the stranglehold on the Wild Card.


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