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Exploring DOM, Atlanta's pitching stat of choice

Written by Joe Lucia on .

Today at Georgia Tech, Braves GM Frank Wren and Scouting Director John Coppolella were giving a guest lecture in a sports analytics class. The lecture gave an inside look into the Braves operations, and some of their analytical tools. Nothing too note-worthy came out of it, aside from the fact that the Braves use a stat called DOM to evaluate pitchers. DOM is thought of by the organization on the same scale as OPS, with the major league average last season being .602. To calculate DOM, you divide a pitcher's strikeouts by his walks plus his hits. Below is a list of each Braves pitcher's DOM for 2011.

Kris Medlen 2
Eric O'Flaherty 0.838
Jonny Venters 1
Craig Kimbrel 1.588
Anthony Varvaro 0.885
Randall Delgado 0.419
Jair Jurrjens 0.484
George Sherrill 0.844
Tim Hudson 0.645
Peter Moylan 0.667
Cristhian Martinez 0.773
Tommy Hanson 0.934
Scott Linebrink 0.532
Brandon Beachy 0.988
Mike Minor 0.626
Arodys Vizcaino 0.68
Julio Teheran 0.345
Derek Lowe 0.486
Scott Proctor 0.36
Jairo Asencio 0.381
Cory Gearrin 0.862

Some interesting observations coming out of the list...

-The holy trinity in the bullpen was excellent
-Of the starters, DOM liked Hanson and Beachy the most
-DOM wasn't a fan of Hudson and Minor
-DOM absoutely hated Delgado, Lowe, and Jurrjens
-Some reliever you didn't expect to be good were (Sherrill, Gearrin, Varvaro)
-The relievers you expected to be bad were (Linebrink, Proctor)

Some things I don't like about DOM...
-It doesn't penalize a fly ball, high home run pitcher
-It doesn't reward a ground ball, weak contact pitcher

One thing I noticed while looking at this is that the stat really doesn't favor some legendary Braves. Greg Maddux's career DOM is .588. Tom Glavine's is .450, and John Smoltz's is .755. Compare that to current players and their career DOMs, like Jonathan Sanchez (.749), Oliver Perez (.684), and Rich Harden (.789). What those numbers tells me is that the stat is skewed towards high strikeout pitchers, and doesn't give "finesse" guys a fair shake.

When tracking the minor league stats for 2012, I'll be keeping track of DOM from now on, just to see if promotions match the newly unearthed stat. It'll be interesting to watch for sure. 

Just what I was looking for. Good post. Still trying to figure this one out..

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