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Just a little shameless self-promotion here... For those that have been reading Chop 'n Change for awhile, you know that last year I was published in a legal journal on the topic of internal taxation in baseball (revenue sharing and the competitive balance tax to be exact).  Since then, I've gotten a lot of response to my article and to posts I've had on here on baseball economics.  I've decided to write a book, which will share the name of my legal journal article: Can Money Buy the Postseason in Major League Baseball? MVN has been kind enough to support my effort and provide me with an outlet to share my ideas and opinions on the topic.  My new site, The Baseball EconoMiss, went live today and I've already re-posted there (with some revisions) my piece on Scott Boras from last year. I'm definitely looking for some feedback on these topics and my ideas and opinions, so please stop on by sometime!

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